• Smooth Feet, the Smart Way

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Smooth Feet, the Smart Way

an innovative approach to foot care

Feetz Smart Drops Lotion


Feetz Smart Drops is a cosmeceutical lotion made with a special blend of herbs, oats and oils with no harsh chemicals. Our formula is odorless, unique and "SMART". It has 5 healing functions for your feet, elbows or knees;

It Moisturizes, Softens, Smooths, Restores and Protects your feet.

Our 26 years of proven success speaks for itself

1 single drop, 5 healing functions

1) Moisturizer: Softens and hydrate the skin of the foot

2) Deodorizer: Eliminates and prevent foot odor

3) Antimycotic: Fights against foot fungus

4) Keratoplastic: Smooths and repairs heel cracks     

5) Keratolytic: Thins the skin of the ankles, calluses, elbow and knees.

I'm a client for over 10 years. This product is so great. No more dry feet ever again

Marcia Oliveira - RS

Feetz Smart Drops is Fantastic ! I recommend it, it takes care of foot and nail problems quickly.

John Silva - NY

I do approve Feetz Smart Drops lotion. Great product not only to hydrate the foot but also to fight nail funguses. Truly good product !

Francisca Franco - SP

Wow !!! This product is awesome !!! well worth it !!!

I used to have fungus and very dry feet. It's all gone !!!

Janice Freitas - SC

I purchased the lotion Feetz Smart Drops on line. It took care of my heel cracks and nail funguses at the same time. Excellent !!!

Luis Souza - Miami FL

Smart Drop Formula

Return Policy

You have up to 10 business days to return the product for any reason. The product will be refunded if returned unopened with no damages on tube or box. The tube shall have it's seal intact. Once the product is received it will take 24 hours to process the refund back to you credit card.

If product is received damaged please take a photo of the product and the package it was received in and send it to: feetzinfo@gmail.com We will evaluate it to approve a refund and will get back with you within 48 hours. 

Address for returns: PO BOX 721484, Orlando, FL 32822