How to Treat and Prevent Foot Cracks

How to treat and prevent foot cracks

By Dr. Anderson Goncalves

Many Americans suffer from dry feet and cracked heels also known as fissures. There are a number of reasons why heel cracks appears, ranging from health disorders or external factors such as foot wear, environment, hygiene, weather, etc.

Let's first talk about internal health disorders, as it can influence our body skin very much including the soles of the feet. 

Nutritional imbalances such as lack of vitamins, minerals such as vitamin E and Zinc can affect the health of your skin. Always eat foods rich in these two nutrients or if necessary you may find these supplements in your local vitamin store.

Aging can also contribute to dryness of the skin and loss of moisture. Aging causes the skin to be less elastic and become thick including the heels. 70% of our body is composed of water, therefore as we age these level drops making it extremely essential to increase your daily water intake. Drink at least 8 glasses a day.

 External factors:

 Footwear that exposes the foot like open back sandals can allow allow fat under the heels to expand and be prone to cracks. Poor fitting shoes that compresses soft tissues of the foot can also be a contributing problem.

Constant friction between feet, socks and shoes causes the skin of the soles to thicken, therefore this thick skin accumulates dead cells on the surface, these dead cells begin to spread looking white and rough eventually leading to cracks and fissures.

Damp environment such as being in the bathroom, pool, sauna for prolonged periods can have a negative affect on the foot skin as it takes away natural oils that nourishes the skin leading to dryness or cracks on the foot.

Obesity causes more pressure and weight on the soles of the feet. This constant pressure, specially if the skin is already dry, the body weight on the soles is going to facilitate the appearance of cracks or fissures.

Hygiene is another contributing factor. Keeping the feet clean and using moisturizes and cleanses is a preventive habit to keep your foot smooth and free of fissures.

Prevention is better than remedy. Always wear comfortable shoes, drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet and weight. Chose foods that are rich in calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin E, keep a good foot hygiene.

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